You haven’t had Cathay?? You
must! It doesn't’t look like much, but
a wonderful neighborhood joint. Not
your average Chinese carryout! Try
the Pork fried rice, egg foo young,
and the basic chicken chop suey. I
grew up near there, and it was the
only bought-out food my folks would
bring home. Living away now, I miss
chow mein nights dearly.


Cathay Chow Mein on the corner
of Nicollet and Diamond Lake
Road in Minneapolis was where
my parents fed four boys almost
every Friday night during the 60’s
and 70’s. I drove by it for the first
time in decades just last month
and was pleasantly surprised it still
exists. I remember it as delicious,
particularly when drenched in La
Choy soy sauce.

Chris T
User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I've been taking out food from Cathay for
years (It's take out only).  I've heard that it's
been around for 50 or 60 years...and
there's a good reason for that...it's much
better than you'd expect from its
down-scale exterior.

This is a classic throw-back Cantonese joint
with excellent Chow Mein, Chicken Almond
Ding, Egg Foo Yung (order it "well
done")...all the good stuff.  Their Shrimp
with Lobster Sauce is not to be missed!!!
Look here...they have the best "classic"
fried egg rolls in town.  They're the old
style, seriously deep fried, so you have to
be able to take a bit of oil, but they're
tremendous.  Also, their cream cheese won
tons are savory.  They're light, crispy and
not over-laden with cream cheese.  And if
you spend over $18 (or $16...I can't
remember), they give you a free order of

Some of the dishes are a bit oily...you just
have to hunt and peck for the good ones.  
But Cathay is worth the trip.

Edward P, Minneapolis
User Rating: out of 5 stars

Ordered takeout from Cathay for the first time simply based on web reviews
and was very pleased.    Chinese takeout restaurants can be a little scary to
ordering area may conjure up...  this local joint is no exception.  I would
have never tried it were it not for the web.   Anyway, the food was hot, fresh,
and delicious, although next time I will ask them to kick up the heat.  
Portions are huge.   Prices very fair.    THEIR EGG ROLLS ARE THE
BEST!  Also, this place has been in business, same name same location,
for 65 years.    They are doing something right.

Annono M
from: Yelp.com
User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

nothing classy about this take-out
but the food is great and the sizes
are humungous.

by kjff
User Rating: 5 out of 5
I've been going here my whole life
and absolutely LOVE it!!

by Andrea B

Excellent quality food! You won't be

from planet99.com

Hello! I grew up on Cathay Chow Mein and it was a
BIG deal. We didn't go out to eat much or ever get
fast food or take out, so bringing home Cathay after
church was a major highlight. My whole family loved it,
and we still get it occasionally. I don't know if it's not
as good as back then (30+ years ago) or if my tastes
have just matured, but I do admit now that it's not
sublime. (I still love the egg foo yung though), it was
my job to distribute the cashews on each plate (I ate
all the broken pieces - probably not fair - and
probably just one of the reasons why my dad really
did call me chow hound!). Chow mein just IS comfort
food, and if that's what you're looking for, Cathay will
probably fill the bill.

from: www.chowhound.chow.com
User Rating:4 out of 5 stars            

Best Egg Foo Young ANYWHERE!!
We have never had a bad experience here. Good value,
good portion sizes and most importantly, great flavor
Our favorite is their egg foo young...a hard to beat recipe!

by marlashaw
from: Citysearch

I've had chow mein exactly twice in this town and did not grow
up with it (other than in a can from La Choy). From the two
times I've had it, I suspect it's just not a food that appeals to
me too much. However, I bet that the chow mein was what
you are looking for.
The two places were Cathay Chow Mein on Nicollet just south
of Diamond Lake Road in Minneapolis and Kim's Chow Mein
on Marshall just east of Cretin in St. Paul.
It's been years since I've been to either of these places, so
maybe someone else can throw some more light on them.

bob s
from: www.chowhound.chow.com

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars   

Best inexpensive Chinese food in the cities, all
cooked to order.

by William p

The best Chinese I've found in the Twin
Cities. All food is fresh and the meat is real
(not processed and pressed). A great
take-out value.

Joan F-L
from planet99.com

My family has been going to Cathay's for years. While
there is no seating, (it's a take-out only kind of place) it
has the best Chinese food I've ever had. I try others, but
always end up back at Cathay's. Plus the prices are
wonderful. Another great place is Kim's in Northeast.
Love both of these places...

from planet99.com
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Every chow mein or dish is made to order
It's my family's favorite little neighborhood
take-out and I'm the third generation going
there. Always fresh and even with my crazy
allergy requirements, they make my orders
Only thing is they close early.. 8pm

by scale

Stopped there for the first time last
night...I got the shrimp in lobster
sauce and the beef kew
(spicey)...along with an order of
chicken fried rice.  It was
excellent...I've been looking for
shrimp in lobster sauce cooked that
way for years and you can bet I'll
be back - very, very good!   Kathy

Do you ever take orders to ship
overnight to out of state people
who miss and are craving your
chow mein.  We are in Texas on the
Gulf Coast. Thanks for your
help.Wayne N.
I discovered Cathay Chow Mein in
1982 and have been a loyal
customer ever since. Best Chow
Mein in Minnesota!
Scott R.
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